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KalculView Class Reference

#include <kalculview.h>

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Detailed Description

Main view.

This is the main view class for Kalcul. Most of the non-menu, non-toolbar, and non-statusbar (e.g., non frame) GUI code should go here.

Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annemarie.mahfouf@free.fr>

Definition at line 46 of file kalculview.h.

Public Slots

void setLevel (const QString &level)
void setPracticeMode (int practiceMode)
void settingsChanged ()


void signalChangeCaption (const QString &text)
void signalChangeStatusbar (const QString &text)

Public Member Functions

 KalculView (QWidget *parent)
virtual ~KalculView ()

Protected Member Functions

void displayOperation ()
 randomly choose the numbers and display the operation
void displayResultDialog ()
 displays the result dialog
void reset ()
 reset labels to null(), reset clock, clear answerLine

Protected Attributes

int answerNum [100]
KClock * clock
 a timer instance
int correct
 number of correct answers
int correctAnswer [100]
int firstNum
QIntValidator * intValidator
 our validator
int levelNumberOfQuestions
 for level mode, how many questions do we have?
QStringList levelQuestionsList
 for level mode, this are the questions
int mode
 what kind of test we are doing
bool paused
 whether the test is paused
QString questionString [100]
 the question as displayed for the pupil
KRandomSequence random
int secondNum
int total
 number of total answers

Private Slots

void saveResults ()
void slotCheck ()
void slotPause ()
void slotStart ()
void slotStop ()
void timerDone ()

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